Improvement+ is easy to use, easy to deploy and adapts to your organization.


Managing improvement plans across multiple schools and districts is challenging, especially with manual systems. It’s time consuming to roll-up all the plans, consolidate them, and manage them.

Improvement+ enables school boards to delegate improvement plans to specific schools or groups, or provide templates for each location to complete. This enables schools to develop and manage strategies specific to their region, demographics and needs.

Get everyone in your district contributing to the desired Outcomes.


Health Care

Improvement+ enables hospitals to track, manage and report on their progress towards government mandated objectives. Each hospital can develop and report on their improvement plans, and demonstrate their performance in real-time.

Improvement+ is designed specifically for the needs of hospitals who manage confidential and private information. The system enables you to configure who has access to what information and when, and provides dynamic settings to manage data.

Local Government

Plans change, situations change, budgets change, and policies change. Improvement plans change, and it’s to be expected.

Improvement+ helps local government develop, manage and track their improvement plans in real-time. Instead of abandoning plans when situations change, Improvement+ lets you Adapt and change improvement plans to fit your present reality.

Improvement+ brings accountability and structure to the improvement planning process.


Not all strategies are equal. Improvement+ helps you identify which strategies and tactics are having an impact, and which are not.