Create and manage improvement plans in real-time

Create improvement plans that connect strategy to measurable data, providing senior management with the tools necessary to increase visibility and awareness of key priorities and objectives at all levels and locations throughout the organization.

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Increase visibility and collaboration

Work with the plans and reports relevant to your group. Improvement+ provides role-based and location-based planning and reporting so you see the information that’s right for you and your team.

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Track and measure improvement plans

Improvement+ provides powerful reporting and dashboards to track and manage improvement plans. Get the insight you need to measure performance, analyze progress, and adapt to changes over time.

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Standardized planning

Consistent planning across all groups and departments.

Multi-period goals

Set targets for outcomes over multiple time periods for improvement plans that reflect your local priorities.

Multiple contributors

Increase collaboration and participation in the improvement planning process.

Group visibility

Improvement plans relevant to your group, district and department.